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eBGDAE1[Chorus]=99Proud and so glorious1full35351442Standing before of us8810851Our53swords will shine bright in the3335304sky3When u-135nited we come5313To the356land of the sun1310With the307heart of a dragon we11full10008ride1910111213141516We are8717[Verse 1]flying on wings in winter sky 55557875With318fire burning deep inside11135331We are1119warriors of endless time 3335753for-320ever and on 8875On521wings of steel an ancient flight5557875We322see the powers that unite 1113531The123Gods will now send us a sign 3335753of324battle once more8875Through the 3525[Pre-Chorus]valley we ride 6653Full of 1326glory we soar 5531Where the2227fights will be raging 1full3565For328now and for more 5563fullWhen U-3529nited we come 6653And di-0330vided they fall 5535To-331night you will witness it55557832all1033[Chorus]=97Proud and so glorious1full3535134Standing before of us8810851Our535swords will shine bright in the33353036sky3When u-1337nited we come5313To the3538land of the sun1310With the3039heart of a dragon we11full101040ride141424344A745[Verse 2]land unknown we come so far 55578753We346ride the night 'till morning star 1113531When147colors fade to black and white 3335753Your348eyes come to sight 8875With the0349vision of a great divide55578753You350turn towards the other side 1113531You151think you run but you can't hide 3335753The352dead can not ride8875Through the 3553[Pre-Chorus]valley we ride 6653Full of 1354glory we soar 5531Where the2255fights will be raging 1full3565For356now and for more 5563fullWhen U-3557nited we come 6653And di-0358vided they fall 3full535To-359night you will witness it55558860all1061[Chorus]Proud and so glorious1full3535162Standing before of us8810851Our563swords will shine bright in the33353064sky3When u-1365nited we come5313To the3566land of the sun1310With the3067heart of a dragon we11full101068ride1yeah!7½6970717273[Bridge][Lead: Sam]747576Over1377[Verse 3]high seas and mountains 01331We078fly to the heavens 3010½0On379wings of a dragon to-31057880night78108781[Solo 1][Solo: Sam]58283848586878889[Solo 2][Solo: Herman]9091929394959697[Solo 3][Solo: Sam]9899100101102103104105[Solo 4][Solo: Herman]106107108109110111112113[Chorus]Proud and so glorious1full35351114Standing before of us8810851Our5115swords will shine bright in the333530116sky3117=99Proud and so glorious3full57573118Standing before of us1010121073Our7119swords will shine bright in the555752120sky5When u-35121nited we come7535To the57122land of the sun3532With the52123heart of a dragon...353200the3124heart of a dragon...353200the3125heart3of a53126dragon20fullwe0full127ride3512875129[Solo: Herman]130131\m/132
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