Duncan Sheik - She Runs Away Text Guitar Tab

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                             SHE RUNS AWAY - Duncan Sheik
Tabbed by: Paul C.      
Email: pcorning@purdue.edu

Tuning: Standard

I saw there are no tabs for this, so I figured I'd take a whack at this tight song.
It's basically simple chords but played in a funky way, as in switching up a really
regular chord just a bit, or rearranging one or two fingers, to give it that mellow 
feel.  Sheik does that in ALL his songs, Barely Breathing is a perfect example.

The lead part of the intro is simple, you can figure it out yourself.

intro and verse
(finger picked) (yeah theres no way im tabbing out the picking)
(i think its just improv anyway)
    C    G    A    E    (<


That'll do it! Email suggestions are welcome.