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                             The Boxer - Editors

This is pretty much every part of the song including the synths.
Sounds almost 100%, I use this exact notation when my band plays this song at our shows.
Im gonna tab out all parts of the song by section.

I. Intro

~ = Hold
W = Whole Note (4 beats)
H = Half Note (2 beats)
Q = Quatrer Note (1 beat)
E = Eighth Note (.5 beat)
S = Sixteenth Note (.25 beat)
W. = Dotted Whole Note (6 beats)
Q. = Dotted Quarter Note (1.5 beats)
E. = Dotted Eighth (.75 beat)
T~~~~~ = Tremolo Pick
/ = Slide up to next note
\ = Slide down to next note

In the back ground, there are these clicks. They are played throughout the intro and the
verses. A slight variation is used in the Chorus. Editors uses a backing track when
they play it live.

These are all steady 8th notes:


This goes through once by itself. Then the piano joins (0:08). Playing these chords:

| Fm Fm | A  A | D  D | Bm Bm |x2

(Note: Each chord is 2 beats long)

After the piano's section, the bass is overlayed on top (0:25). The bass is distorted
somewhat, and has a wierd auto-wah sound to it.

   Q   Q   E E E E Q   Q   E E Q   Q   Q   E E E E Q   Q   Q   E E
Feel free to ad light change-up on the 8th notes, thats what Russel does live.

This is played through twice with the Piano and Clicks. Then comes the riff (0:45).

The riff can be played on the guitar or a synth. Live, Chris plays it on synth in the
beginning and switches to guitar for the Chorus and plays a slight variation of this riff
on guitar later on in the song (Ill point it out later)

   H+E       Q   H+E       E E E E E W.+Q.

This part plays through twice, and then Tom begins to sing at 1:00.

II. Verse

The riff cuts out and the Piano, Bass, and Clicks continue in the background. Here are
the lyrics for the first verse and the chords that accompany them, Ive put out the lyrics
by ear so they may not be perfect.

Fm                   A
A bruised full moon,
                     D         Bm
Play fights with the stars.
Fm                      A
This place it our prison,
                 D            Bm
Its cells are the bars.
Fm              A
So take me town,
                         D          Bm
I want to dance with the city.
Fm                     A
Show me something ugly,
                  D             Bm
Show me something pretty.

III. Chorus

During the chorus (1:33), everything is playing at once, so its hard to separate all the
different sounds. But once again, here is all the parts.

The clicks are quite hard to hear, but they're there.


The Piano plays these chords. Two peats per chord.

| C#m C#m | D   D | Bm  Bm | E   E | x2

The bass is playing this. The bass is totally clean. Its not distorted like it was in
the Verse and the Intro

   Q   Q   Q   Q E E Q   Q   Q E E Q   Q   Q E E  Q   Q   Q E E

This riff is definitely played on the guitar. There is a lot of reverb and delay. Its
also distorted
   H+E    Q   W.+Q     Q   E W     H+E    Q   W.+Q    E.E.S W

This riff only repeats once during the first Chorus. All the other parts repeat twice.

Here are the lyrics and their designated chords.

C#m       D
Damn this place.
        Bm         E
Makes a boy out of me.
    C#m           D
The rain beats my face.
Bm              E
By the count of three.

IV. Break 1


All this is, is the Click, Piano, Bass, and Riff From the Intro are played through twice.

V. Verse 2


Same as Verse 1. Here are the lyrics.

Fm          A
An unwanted sun,
                  D        Bm
Pulls rank in the sky.
Fm               A
The boxer isn't finished,
                 D        Bm
Hes not ready to die.
Fm                   A
I'm attracted to the light,
                     D         Bm
I'm attracted to the heat.
Fm            A
Its a violent night,
                        D           Bm
There are boxers in the street.

VI. Break 2


Its the clicks, piano, and bass are same as break 1, only there is a variation on the
main riff, this time played on guitar.
   H+E       Q   H+E       E E E E E W.+Q.
e|-2~~------/4--/5~~------/7-9-7\5/9\2~~---------| -------- |
B|---------------------------------------3~~-----|   |----- |
G|-------------------------------------------4~--| ---   -- |
D|-----------------------------------------------|       -- |
A|-----------------------------------------------|       -- |
E|-----------------------------------------------|x2     -- |
                                (Dont mute the notes in this chords, let them ring.)

VII. Chorus 2


This chorus is the same as Chorus 1, except it is repeated twice, with slight lyrical variations.

C#m       D
Damn this place.
        Bm         E
Makes a boy out of me.
    C#m           D
The rain beats my face.
Bm              E
By the count of three.
    C#m       D
And damn this place.
        Bm         E
Makes a boy out of me.
    C#m           D
The rain beats my face.
Bm              E
Im a fallen old tree.

VIII. Break 3


Exactly the same as break one, the riff is played on synth. And the whole break is
played through twice.

IX. Outro


Exactly the same as the verses/breaks. Only the phrase is repeated 4 times. And these
lyrics are sung.

Fm           A     D        Bm
Dazed in the final count
Fm           A     D        Bm
Dazed in the final count
Fm           A     D        Bm
Dazed in the final count
Fm           A     D        Bm
Dazed in the final count

After the final time through. All the instrument cut out, except the clicks, which play
this through four times.


And thats it! FEW! Sorry if it was to wordy. I hope it helps you. Enjoy!