Standard (EADGBE)

I'm having a party but you're not invited

Pizza and fizzy-pop it's all so exciting

Sardines and musical chairs

What a shame that you're not here

Cos you're not my friend anymore

You've made your position quite clear from your distance

What crime have I done that negates my existence?

Me and all of my other chums

Will sit and talk 'bout your smelly bum

Cos youre not my friend anymore

We'll have phe---asant

And everyone leaves with a pre-e-esent

Kisses and hugs it's so pleasant

Peaceful, and I

I hate you, I hope that you die

I'm having a party and I hope that you know this

Spend Friday alone and pretend not to notice

All of the stupid things you've done

I know and I'm telling everyone

Cos you're not my best friend anymore

And tomorrow I will buy a new friend

From the new friend shop

Cos my friend you are not

And I hate you as much as I miss you