Enter Shikari - Juggernauts Acoustic Text Guitar Tab

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Juggernauts (acoustic)
Enter Shikari
Common Dreads (2009)
TABBED BY PledgeDuster.

I have spent hours trying to find the acoustic tab for Juggernauts by Enter Shikari but 
find anything so i ended up working it out for myself.

I thought I'd post my tab on here to save anyone else from what i went through.
I'm not claiming this to be perfect or that it's the way Enter Shikari play it, but it 
like it to me and the majority of youtube covers for this song use the same, if not a 
similar pattern.

It's fairly simple and doesn't require much hand movement at all, just speed.

First of all the song is played in DROP C, so you'll have to re-tune your guitar.

Drop C is basically tuning each note down one apart from the low E, which is tuned down 
a C.

Standard  --> becomes -->  Drop C
E----                      D----|
B----                      A----|
G----                      F----|
D----                      C----|
A----                      G----|
E----                      C----|


F-12--11--12------12--| X4 (on the last one let the final 12 ring)

The X4 depends on how you're playing your cover.  X4 is the amount it is played before 
rhythm comes in on the song and other tabs.

you can pretty much carry on the song using the normal tabs.

If i have made any mistakes please comment and i shall update.