Standard (EADGBE)

/=1Beat =1 Beat /=2Beats Ect



Verse 1

Chorus 1

Transition 1

Pause ///

Verse 2

Chorus 2



Main solo

Chorus 3


Silence// G (hit last note on 4th beat)

This is the basic outline of eric johnsons cliffs of dover.

If you want to heavy it up i suggest turning these chords into power chords (D turns

into D5) and ignor the Am and play it as an A5

If you want to make it plainer, then turn the E7 into a standard E. I put the E7 in

myself to jazz if up.

If you want to jazz it up, then add chord variations. (Am to Am7 or E7to E7#9) Do the

same to blues it up (but add in a shuffling bass note :))

If you want to solo over this song then just play a G Major Pentationic Blues scale over

it. (Same as an Eminor pentatonic Blues but with C as your main note)

Well thankyou. Please Rate :)

Chord List

(Numbers on Diagramme are your fingers and numbers on top are base frets)

3rd Fret 3rd Fret 5th Fret 5th Fret 7th Fret

e 1|-|-| e 1|-|-| e 1|-|-| e 1|-|-| e1|-|-|

B 1|-|-| B 1|-|4| B 1|-|4| B 1|-|-| B1|-|4|

G 1|2|-| G 1|-|3| G 1|-|3| G 1|-|-| G1|-|-|

D 1|-|4| D 1|-|2| D 1|-|2| D 1|-|4| D1|-|2|

A 1|-|3| A 1|-|-| A 1|-|-| A 1|-|3| A1|-|-|

E 1|-|-| E 1|-|-| E 1|-|-| E 1|-|-| E1|-|-|