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eBGDAE1=8044234When I find myself in times of trouble2050022000136Mother Mary comes to me30003331117Speaking words of wisdom0010003Let it be03813129231Let it be___031101Let it be085Let it be331111Oh, let it be200300312Whisper words of wisdom00110003Let it be031331And …2…when the broken hearted people14002212001315Living in the world agree30003331116There will be an answer 0010003Let it be031731For …2…though they may be parted, there is18002212001319Still a chance that they will see3550155033120There will be an answer 0010003Let it be032131Let it be03122Let it be035Let it be33531231Oh, let it be200300324There will be an answer 0010003Let it be0325311Let it be031261Let it be035Let it be33031271Oh, let it be200300328Whisper words of wisdom00110003Let it be032931303132333435363738394041Let it be031421Let it be035Let it be33031431Oh, let it be200300344Whisper words of wisdom00110003Let it be03453114647484950515253Let it be031541Let it be035Let it be33031551Oh, let it be200300356Whisper words of wisdom00110003Let it be03573158596061626364656667
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