eBGDAElet ring1Play with feeling im not an advanced GP userhammer on=1200200442hammer on242pull off432220let ring4Dont listen to much to the Sound!!!20205hammer on242pull off46Put off the sound and just mind the symbols and numbers.not the lines between them 2220let ringlet ring720hammer on24822pull off429hammer on2420let ringlet ring10200hammer on21142pull off42122202let ring13020014202015hammer on79pull off97let ringlet ring1697021700hammer on24182pull off420let ring192020209pull off97hit string 9 pull off to 7 hammer on 99217970let ringlet ring22200hammer on22342pull off42242202let ring250204264pull off42427hit 4 th string pull off to 2 hammer on 4424228020hammer on22942pull off42302202let ring31Repeat the whole tab if you like Maybe you can add some things on it,Enjoy!020XXXXXXChange tuning (R)