Standard (EADGBE)



I really need to see her tonight

I made the reservation for two

Going over in my head how to make her mine

She's crying 'cause she feels confused

Maybe she needs some space

Just a little time alone

Please tell me face to face


Now our seven years are gone

How could this be

She was supposed to be the one

How could she



Woah, you've already broken my heart

I'd like to keep at least one piece

You can take all that you want

But you're gonna have to share it with me

Share it with me

Share it with me

( )


Share it with me

Just one piece

Verse 2


I never thought that it'd come to this

Never in a million years

The memory of our first kiss

Is taking me to the verge of tears

How could I move on

You were everything to me

So where did we go wrong

This is a tragedy

[Repeat Chorus]



Tears fall to the ground when I think about

How life goes on without you now

You broke my heart on bended knee

Now that you're gone it's killing me

I am alone without you

Never wanted to say that we're through

Give me your love again

I won't believe this is the end

[Repeat Chorus]