Standard (EADGBE)

Blue Monday,

I hate blue Monday,

Got to work like a slave all day.

Here come Tuesdays,

Oh hard, Tuesdays,

I'm so tired got no time to play.

Here come Wednesday,

I'm beat to my socks,

My girl calls, got to tell her I'm out,

Cause Thursday is a hard workin' day,

And Friday I get my pay.


Saturday mornin'..

Oh, Saturday mornin'.

All my tiredness is half gone a..way.

Got my money and my honey,

And I'm out on the stand to play.

But...Sunday mornin' my head is bad..

Though, it's worth it

For the time that I had.

But I've got to get my rest

Cause Monday is a mess.



A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.