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eBGDAE1=147442345678910111213141516171819202122232425This ever changing world997269101027ever changing me 979728929It feels new pathways 9973091010731for my soul to see (soul to see) 997321033It lights so bright, so bright 9973479735in your eyes (your eyes) 7997369737Casting off the shadows 97973897107739that darken your mind99740941Shine it brighter than the sun 88888429943blinding every eye I was87778447945Fires burning inside me 88888469947blinding lights for all to see87777487749To shine brighter 8(8)450994515253To shine brighter 8(8)454994555657585960This storm will rage me to end 99761799762before the dawn 79997637964This star is bright 99765910766before the end is come 7997671068It lights so bright,9976979770so bright in your eyes 7997719772Casting off shadows that 97977397107774shrouded your ... eyes99775976Shine it brighter than the sun88888779978blinding every eye I was87778797980Fires burning inside me 88888819982blinding lights for all to see87777837784To shine brighter8(8)48599486(than the sun) 91111879988To shine brighter (of what's to come) 11989999999091111911192Supernova 119931194Supernova 12119951196Supernova 1211997119812991110010101102An ever changing world 5555103554104ever changing me 22221052106This ever changing world 5555107554108ever changing me 22221092110An ever changing world 99711191010112ever changing me97971139114Reveals new pathways 997115910107116for my soul to see 9971179118Eternally 991111911120Shine it brighter than the sun8888812199122blinding every eye I was8777812379124Fires burning inside me 8888812599126blinding lights for all to see8777712777128To shine brighter 8(8)4129994130(than the sun) 9111113199132To shine brighter (of what's to come) 1191339999913491112913512136To shine brighter 8(8)4137994138(burning)911111399140To shine brighter 8(8)4141994142(burn)911111439144To shine brighter 8(8)4145994146(burning) 911111479148To shine brighter 8(8)4149994150(burn) 9111115111152Supernova 11915391112154Supernova 11915591112156Supernova 1191579111215815911160
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