eBGDAE1=80442Intro3456Verse 1Time . . .6Time on you're mind64274A conscience ticking . . .77682Images6429passing by464like picture slides1264arranged . . .7106Love will survive 642114It twists and turns you776122A circuit inside your…642…head13464reminds you that1264it's714Bridgefine . . .615I716Chorusmiss you more than words can say9999976a717part of me has torn away99911976Inside our hearts will always……break187676767a619A fracture to a twisted face7676767but720things are gonna heal again9999976721Eyes once blind will see again9991197622I miss you more than words can say7676767623I miss you more than words . . .767679Quick24Pre Verse 2Fade . . .625262728Verse 2Try6learning to fly642294Reach new sky77630Find a new 64231place to be464and watch life pass you by12647326Try to get high642334Jump so you could feel it77793462You're living inside a…642…dream35464as waterfalls surround1264736Bridge 2637I738Chorus 2miss you more than words can say9999976a739part of me has torn away9991197640inside our hearts will always break7676767641a fracture to a twisted face7676767but742things are going to heal again9999976743eyes once blind will see again9991197644I miss you more than words can say7676767I645miss you more than words76767Quick946Middle 8Fade . . .45447Fade . . .448Fade . . .449Fade . . .43450514452Pre Verse53545556Verse 3Glide6Glide over tides642574And waves that pull you776582Oceans divide us once and642594641bring you home again2647606Love will survive642614Twists and turns you77662Chorus 3263He's gone6646½He's…6…gone656½Quick966Fade . . .667He's gone6686½He's…6…gone696½Quickfade5I770miss you more than words can say9999976a771part of me is torn away9991197672inside our hearts will always break7676767a673fracture to a twisted fate7676767but774things are going to heal again9999976775eyes once blind will see again9991197676I miss you more than words can say7676767677I miss you more than words76767Quick978Fade . . .679Change tuning (R)