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eBGDAE1Intro=1204423456789VerseSeing things,89610going places89611812Living out of suitcases88869613914Every day's like a dream88869915691617I find myself689618talking to shadows869619820Taking the train869621of8youth922Back home8869again62386924Cause825Pre-ChorusI69626Don't wanna be a9986927hero89628But829I69630Don't wanna be a9986931zero89full3233ChorusAnd I dont wanna9877834sit here wasting time7986635I just want a999836place inside your mind98696637I wish that I could6999838turn the clocks right back9869939It's9easy99to9for -840get just what you've got98699full41Intro42434445VerseSeing things,89646going places89647848Meeting all kinds of faces88869649950Every day's like a scene88869951695253I found myself689654going through phases869655856Trying yo find869657somewhere8958That I can be me886995960Cause861Pre-ChorusI69662Don't wanna be a9986963hero89664But865I69666Don't wanna be a9986967zero89full6869ChorusAnd I don't wanna9877870sit here wasting time7986671I just want a999872place inside your mind98696673I wish that I could6999874turn the clocks right back9869975It's9easy99to9for -876get just what you've got9869977I'm not trying to877878find an easy way7986679Picking up the999880pieces of a page7986681I'm looking for a6999882place inside your mind98696983Cause I don't wanna9999884leave it all behind9869[So1085Bridgecome on]Give in101186There's no9987beauty in this pain6669988So come on691089Give in101190We've gotta106891find ourselves again9869699293949596979899100Cause6full101Pre-ChorusI696102Don't wanna be your99869103hero89full104105ChorusAnd I don't wanna98778106sit here wasting time79866107I just want a9998108place inside your mind986966109I wish that I could69998110turn the clocks right back98699111It's 9easy99to for -98112get just what you've got98699113I'm not trying to8778114find an easy way79866115Picking up the9998116pieces of a page79866117I'm looking for a69998118place inside your mind986969119Cause I don't wanna99998120leave it all behind98699121And I don't wanna98778122sit here wasting time79866123I just want a9998124place inside your mind986966125I wish that I could69998126turn the clocks right back98699127It's9easy99to9for -8128get just what you've got98699129I'm not trying to8778130find an easy way79866131Picking up the9998132pieces of a page79866133I'm looking for69998134a place inside your mind986969135Cause I don't wanna99998136leave it all behind98699Change tuning (R)
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