Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

Let all mortal flesh keep silence and with fear and trembling stand

ponder nothing earthly minded for with blessing in his hand

Christ our God to Earth de-scend-eth our full homage to de-mand

Verse 2

King of kins yet born of Mary As of old on Earth he stood

Lord of Lords in human vesture In the body and the blood

He will give to all the faith--ful His own self for heavenly food

Verse 3

Rank on rank the hosts of heaven Spreads its vanguard on the way

As the light of light descendeth from the realms of endless day.

That the powers of hell may van---ish as the darkness clears away

Verse 4

At his feet the six wing-ed seraph Cherubim with sleepless eye

Veil their faces to his presence as with ceaseless voice they cry



Al-le-lu-ia Lord most high

Chords:(Read vertically) x=(don't hit that string)

O=(put your finger on that fret)

-=(leave that open)

1fret 2fret 1fret 5fret 2fret

xO---O x----- x---O- OO---O x-OO-x xO--xx x----O xxOOOO x-OO--

3fret 3fret 3fret

xO--xx xxx--- --OOOO x----- O-OOOO you don't have to really play

x---xx xxx--- ------ x-O--- ------ the ones with the / in them you

x-OOxx xxx-OO -O---- x---O- -O---- can just play the first chord

x---xx xxx--- O----- x----- ------ without the bass note