Five Times August - Owe It All To You Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo


Use the F# and G2 chords in an alternating rhythm - some versions don't have



Use the G and C chords but use different notes ( open, 2nd, 3rd or 5th) on the e string to get the same rhythm and complexity brad's using

Solo thing

again he uses G and C with some complicated strumming then breaks into the Asus2 and the Amaj7 with some wild fills inbetween Lyrics: Sunshine looking over my head Where do I go? What do I know? Moonlight breathing down my neck Whispers let's go, baby let's go It was a lonely day til you arrived And the sun came up to light by eyes Now everyone keeps asking me Why am I so happy and I'll say.. That I love you and all the things you do to me I'm suddenly finding my own sanity And I owe it all to you Flash back then I start to back track Where did I go? Why don't I know? Too bad it's looking at the days when I had thought I had it all Now I'll only get to places where I can't remember faces And I'll say that I love youand all the things you do to me I'm suddenly living my own fantasy And I owe it all to you

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