eBGDAE1=12544234567891011121314151617Red skies at night, 997918[red skies at night]9979Wo oh, 9197[Wo oh], 9720wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976217692223Red skies at night, 9979½24[red skies at night]9979Wo oh, 9257[Wo oh], 9726wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976277692829Should have taken warning99999309It was just, 99931732people mourning, 977733running, hiding, lost9777934Couldn't find, 7973536find a place to go97979So it's7937Red skies at night, 779738[red skies at night]7797Wo oh, 7397[Wo oh], 7740wo oh oh 77941Should have taken warning77799429It was just, 99943744people ignoring, 7977945running, hiding, lost77997946Couldn't find, 79747[Couldn't find], 79748find a place to go97979So it's7949Red skies at night, 779750[red skies at night]7797Wo oh, 9517[Wo oh], 9752wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976537695455Red skies at night, 9979½56[red skies at night]9979Wo oh, 9577[Wo oh], 9758wo oh oh779591260Someone's taking over,121212101144619And it looks like they're aiming,101062101010101063right at you1010full1064And me, 79765and everybody, 99911[everybody]9991166Someone says, 88867"We could be dead by morning"666764687669Someone cries, 7557oh,770oh,7of971leaving791272Red eyes at night, 77974473[red eyes at night]7797Wo oh, 9747[Wo oh], 9775wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976767697778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104Red11105106Skies9107108At7109110Night1212139111131111213119113114Red skies at night, 9979115[red skies at night]9979Wo oh, 91167[Wo oh], 97117wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976118769119120Red skies at night, 9979½121[red skies at night]9979Wo oh, 91227[Wo oh], 97123wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh77976124769125126Red skies at night, 9979½127[red skies at night]1010810Wo oh, 91287[Wo oh], 97129wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh879130769131132133134135136137138139140141700700703333142700700703333143700700703333