Standard (EADGBE)

Winter has come back again

Feels like the season won't end

My faith is dying tonight

And I won't try to pretend

I've got it all figured out

I don't have any doubts

I've got a busted heart

I need You now

Yeah, I need You now


Hold on to me,

hold on to me

Don't let me lose my way

Hold on to me

I am the wandering son

Your love is never enough

I keep chasing the wind

Instead of chasing Your love

I'm screaming out Your name

Don't let me fall on my face

I've got a busted heart

I'm in need of a change

I'm desperate for grace



Broke Your heart a thousand times

But You've never left my side

You have always been here for me

You never let me go

You never let me go

Oh-Oh Don't ever let me go

(Chorus) x2

Until it comes to an end

Soon this season will end

I'll surrender tonight

You meet me right where I am