Standard (EADGBE)



Verse 1

love is on the side of the highway, with his thumb in the sky

war is flyin in the fast lane, in a suit and a tie oohh

the sun is crashing in the ocean, and you just can't help yourself

but wonder how we all forget...


it's a fine fine life, it's a fine fine life

everyday i find, it's a fine fine life yeah!

Verse 2

same chords as verse 1)

fell asleep in a casino, should've seen her face,

feels like i'm stuck in a movie, that was never made

Jesus stranded with a flat tire, and he's grinning ear to ear and whispering these words

under his breath

Chorus x2


Same chords):

put a step in your bones

you're never alone oooooooohhhhh

cash or cold, heart or soul ooooooooohhhhh

yeah yeah yeah yeah

Chorus x2

if anyone figures out the tabs or chords for the song Missing by For King And Country