eBGDAE1Intro/Verse 1Seems the further from town I go=100042240424442the more I hate this place442003He's got leather and big tattoos042240424scars all over his face444207and I wonder if he ever has…55…cried555555726'cause he couldn't get a date for the5555555787prom7248Chorus 1He's got his arm around020232449every man's dream232210Crums in his beard from the02023011Seafood Special2032Oh can't you see my world31202200is falling…3…apart133020Baby3014Please leave the biker23220Leave the biker200153break his heart303Baby3016Please leave the biker23220Leave the biker200173Break his heart30318192420Verse 2Now his friend leans over and says042400424421"Looks like we got us a fag"444200003322I wonder if that guy's read one word0424042423That wasn't in a porno mag4444455And I5524wonder if he ever has cried555557225'cause his kitten got run over and died5555555782672427Chorus 2He's got his arm around0202324428every man's dream232229Crums in his beard from the02023030Seafood Special2032Oh can't you see my…3…world3102200is falling apart3323020Baby3033Please leave the biker23220Leave the biker200343break his heart303Baby3035Please leave the biker23220Leave the biker200363Break his heart30337382439Bridge44404142and I 7743wonder if he ever has cried777779444'cause he couldn't get a date for the77777791045prom94647Chorus 3He's got his arm around24245448every man's dream454449Crums in his beard from the24240250Seafood Special4204051Oh can't you see my world24422052is falling apart0242Baby0253Please leave the biker40442Leave the biker422540break his heart020Baby0255Please leave the biker45442Leave the biker422560Break his heart020Baby0257Please leave the biker45442Leave the biker42258=800Break his heart02059=75602461446263Change tuning (R)