Frankie J - Obsession Text Guitar Tab

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this is my first tab...
got it from his live version..please rate

he had a capo on the first fret,
 but i don't think you need it that much

X=quick stop
...=palm mute
h=hammer on
p=pull off
          (verse 1/prechorus)                 fill)
e |------4X-----3-x-----4X------3-|  e |--------------|
b |------4X-----4-x-----4X------4-|  b |-3h4p3--------|
g |------5X-----5-x-----5X------5-|  g |--------3h5p3-|
d |------6X----5--x-----6X-----5--|  d |--------------|
a |---6---X---3---x----6-X----3---|  a |--------------|
E |-4-----X-------x--4---X--------|  e |--------------|

        (verse 2)
e |--------------|
b |--------------|  
g |-------5------| 
d |-6-----5x8----| 
a |-6x8---3------|
E |-4------------|  

e |----------------------------|
b |----------------------------| 
g |--8------7------5-----7-----|  
d |--8x12---8x12---6-----8-----|  
a |--6------8------6x12--8x12--|
E |---------6------4-----6-----| 

and that's it.