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eBGDAE1intro=100442345678910111213141516I get your coat, hunny22217122bring back to21118me2let's get it21119on3bring'n on back to 3111120me2I get your 22221coat, hunny122bring back to21122me2let's get it21123on3bring'n on back to 3111124me22526verse 127282930313233I get your coat, hunny22234chorus 1122bring back to21135me2let's get it21136on3bring'n on back to 3111137me2I get your 22238coat, hunny122bring back to21139me2let's get it21140on3bring'n on back to 3111141me2I get your 22242coat, hunny122bring back to21143me2let's get it21144on3bring'n on back to 3111145me2I get your 22246coat, hunny122bring back to21147me2let's get it21148on3bring'n on back to 3111149me250verse 251525354555657I get your coat, hunny22258chorus 2122bring back to21159me2let's get it21160on3bring'n on back to 3111161me2I get your 22262coat, hunny122bring back to21163me2let's get it21164on3bring'n on back to 3111165me2I get your 22266coat, hunny122bring back to21167me2let's get it21168on3bring'n on back to 3111169me2I get your 22270coat, hunny122bring back to21171me2let's get it21172on3bring'n on back to 3111173me2I get your 22274coat, hunny122bring back to21175me2let's get it21176on3bring'n on back to 3111177me278outro79808182838485
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