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eBGDAE1intro=854423456789101112131415161718verse 1sand in my socks533519and tears in my eyes5533520blood on my hands333421and smoke in the sky4333422my brothers are gone5333523but I'm numb to the pain55533524can't pick up the phone3333425now I'm dreaming again44333426all can't relate533527I'm all by myself5533528where can I turn333429when there's nobody else44333430I'm back in the world5333531and I'm living your lie55533532I smile at the girls 3333433but I'm dying inside44333434chorus 1where do I begin8008835New York City0088the place that01036has become my friend3337737I've walked my pain7777over your streets797385once again55539get you're always there for me55555440for541me442verse 2sand in my socks533543and tears in my eyes5533544blood on my hands333445and smoke in the sky4333446my brothers are gone5333547but I'm numb to the pain55533548can't pick up the phone3333449now I'm dreaming again44333450drag the river for my soul55555551552and dust my sugar from the fold33333353354althrough my sins are getting cold555555555556drag the river from my soul33333357358chorus 2where do I begin8008859New York City0088the place that01060has become my friend3337761I've walked my pain7777over your streets797625once again55563get you're always there for me55555464for565me466break6768697071727374drag the river for my soul55555575576and dust my sugar from the fold33333377378althrough my sins are getting cold555555557980drag the river from my soul33333381382chorus 3where do I begin8008883New York City0088the place that01084has become my friend3337785I've walked my pain7777over your streets797865once again55587get you're always there for me55555488for589me490where do I begin8008891New York City0088the place that01092has become my friend3337793I've walked my pain7777over your streets797945once again55595get you're always there for me55555496for597me498fade outwhere do I begin8008899New York City0088the place that010100has become my friend33377101I've walked my pain7777over your streets7971025once again555103get you're always there for me555554104for5105me4Change tuning (R)