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eBGDAE1Intro=126642I see faces and traces of home3Back in544New York City !02322320232232745020220202022026001031000103107000020000002008Verse 1 (0:26)So you think I'm a tough kid02322320232232902022020202202100010Is that what you heard ?3100010310110000200000020012Well I like to see some action02322320232232130202202020220214And it gets into my blood00103100010310150000200000020016They call me02322320The trail blazer232232170202Rael electric razor202020220218I'm a pitcher in the chain gang0010310001031019We don't believe in pain0000200000020020'Cos we're only as strong0232232023223221Yes we're only as strong0202202020220222As the weakest link0010310001031023In the chain0000200000020024Let me out of Pontiac0232232023223225When I was just seventeen0202202020220226I had to get it out of me0010310001031027If you know what I mean000020000002What I mean0028Interlude 1 (1:34)03032320010432290556787055678730053553205567873103032320010432320424042002343033Verse 2 (1:51)Aaah !0232232023You say I must be crazy22323402022020202202350010'Cos I don't care who I hit3100010310360000Who I hit200000020037But I know that's me who's hittin' out02322320232232380202202020220239And I001031I'm not full of shit00010310400000200000020041I don't care who I hurt0232232023223242I don't care who I do wrong0202202020220243This is your mess I'm stuck in0010310001031044I really don't belong0000200000020045When I take out my bottle0232232023223246Filled up high with gasoline0202202020220247You can tell by the night fires0010310001031048Where Rael has been000020000002Has been0049Interlude 203032320010432500424042002343051Pre-chorus 1 (2:51)As I cuddled7910The porcupine9107952He said I7910Had none to blame but me910795377993454Held my heart7910Deep in hair910797455Time to shave7910Shave it off, it off91079567793457Chorus 1 (3:07)10No time for romantic escape8108910When your87458108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !108910859101088346010No time for romantic escape8108910When your87461108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !108910862101088346310No time for romantic escape8108910When your87464108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !1089108651071093466Bridge (3:31)10129Off we go !10129109111786710129Off we go !10129109119946810129Off we go !10129109111786910129Off we go !1012910911994701012910121374715472Verse 3 (3:51)You're sitting in your comfort023223202322327473You don't believe I'm real0202202020220274You cannot buy protection0010310001031075From the way that I feel0000200000020076You progressive hypocrites0232232023223277Hand out their trash0202202020220278But it was mine in the first place0010310001031079So I'll burn it to ash0000200000020080And I've tasted all the strongest meats0232232023223281And laid them down in coloured sheets02022020202202820010Laid them down310001031083In coloured sheets0000200000020084Who needs illusion0232232023223285Of love and affection0202202020220286When you're out walking in the streets0010310001031087With your mainline connection000020000002Connection0088Interlude 303032320010432890424042002343090Pre-chorus 2 (4:51)As I cuddled7910The porcupine9107991He said I7910Had none to blame but me910799277993493Held my heart7910Deep in hair910797494Time to shave7910Shave it off, it off91079957793496Chorus 2 (5:07)10No time for romantic escape8108910When your87497108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !108910898101088349910No time for romantic escape8108910When your874100108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !10891081011010883410210No time for romantic escape8108910When your874103108Fluffy heart is ready for rape !1089108104108No time109109755410571061 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add 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