Standard (EADGBE)


Turn the beat around

Love to hear the percussion

Turn it upside down

Love to hear the percussion

Love to hear it

Blow horns you sure sound pretty

Your violins keep movin' to the nitty gritty

When you hear the scratch of the guitars scratchin'

Then you'll know that rhythm carries all the action, so


see above)

Flute player play your flute 'cause

I know that you want to get your thing off

But you see I've made up my mind about it

It's got to be the rhythm, no doubt about it, woah woah

Bridge thing

'Cause when the guitar player start playing

With the syncopated rhythm, with the scratch, scratch, scratch

Makes me wanna move my body yeah, yeah, yeah

And when the drummer starts beating that beat

He nails that beat with the syncopated rhythm

With the rat, tat, tat, tat, tat, tat on the drums, hey

Chorus x2

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