Great Big Sea - Boston And St Johns Text Guitar Tab

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Song: Boston and St.John's
Band: Great Big Sea
Album: Turn
Tabbed by: Andre Bruneau:

Before I begin, let me say this.  I'm almost certain that this is not
the right way to play this song.  I saw GBS in concert a couple of months
ago and it wasn't played like this and despite being 3rd row centre on
the frick'n floor, I still couldn't tell how it was played (pathetic -
I know - but oh how we danced!!).  However, the following is my version.
I myself would love to learn how to play it the "right way" so
I'll challenge anyone else to try to tab this song. (you know - for fun!!)

Em - 022000	D* - 20023x
D  - xx032x	A* - x0223x
G  - 320033 	A  - x02220

Intro (Riff 1)

 Em        D*         G              Em       D*          G

        Wha - ooo     Wha - ooooo   nah .....
 Em        D*         G              Em       D*          G

Verse 1:
D           A*               G
Girl don't tell me that it's morning
D       A*       G
Can we keep the curtains drawn?
D           A*            G
I haven't given you fair warning
D         A*      G
But our ship, she sails at dawn

        Em              D*           G                 A*
And it's true I must be going, but I swear it won't be long
      D               A*             G             A
There isn't that much ocean between Boston and St.John's
D      A*             D       A     G
I'm a rover, and I'm bound to sail away
A       G              A
I'm a rover, can you love me anyway?

	[Repeat first two measures of Riff 1]

Verse 2:
And if some suitor comes approaching
Will you let him through your door
What if I return half-broken
Will you still want me anymore?

	[Repeat Chorus]

	[Repeat first two measures of Riff 1]
	continue to play Riff 1 throughout the Bridge

Close your eyes and dream
and tell me what you see
Tell me what you want
Just tell me that you'll wait for me

	[Repeat Verse 1]

	[Repeat Chorus]

	[End by playing opening Riff until fade]

There she is.  Like I said - not the real deal but it sounds decent enough.

Big thanks to Sandy and her Great Big Sea web site at:
for the lyrics and Jane Wallace in particular
for her own version of Boston and St.John.  It was a great help.