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eBGDAE1Intro=11064234567Verse 1Hear the sound of the fallin' rain111114148Comin' down like an Arm a ged don1122211339flame.3The shame.31The ones who died with out …31133… a name.1014111Hear the dogs howlin' out of key1111141412To a hymm called Faith and Mis e1122113313ry.3And bleed.31The company lost the 31113314war to day.14115ChorusI beg to dream and dif fer 1111422from416the hol lowed lies213317This is the dawn ing of the1111422rest418of our lives24019On an hol i day114134201642122Verse 2Hear the drum poundin' out of time1111141423A no ther pro test or has crossed the11122113324line.3To find.31The mo ney's on the3113325o ther side14126Can I get a no ther a men1111441427There's a flag wrapped around a score of11222113328men.3A gag.31A plas tic bag on a31133329mon u ment14130ChorusI beg to dream and dif fer 1111422from431the hol lowed lies213332This is the dawning of the1111422rest433of our lives24034On an hol i day114113435Bridge6436373839Solo4041424344Interlude4546The representative from California has the floor.4748Zeig heil to the President gasman.49Bombs away is your punishment.50Pulverize the Eiffel tower.51Who criticize your…52"Bang,……government.…bang" goes the broken glass and53Kill all the fags that don't agree.54Trials by fire, setting fire.55That's not the way that's meant for me.56Just cause.1157Just cause.11 Because we're outlaws yeah!13141158ChorusI beg to dream and dif fer 1111422from459the hol lowed lies213360This is the dawning of the1111422rest461of our li24062ives1This is our00063lives on hol i day10303464Outro1646566676869Change tuning (R)
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