eBGDAE1=1354423St. Jimmy's coming down across the alleyway00003224223325Up on the Blvd. like a zipgun on parade000032226223327Light of a silhouette0000328He's insubordinate0000329Coming at you at the count of22223333101022(Spoken) 1234(0)(0)(0)(0)1112131415My name is Jimmy and you222333316better not wear it out00000217Suicide commando that your2222333318momma talked about0000219King of the 40 thieves000203I'm020here to represent002003221The needle in the vein of222333322the establishment00202I'm the2223patron saint of the denial33200024032with an2225angel face and a33200026taste for suicidal0020202728293031Cigarettes and ramen and a2222333332little bag of dope0000233I am the son of bitch and222333334Edgar Allan Poe0000235Raised in the city under a0002002336halo of lights02003237The product of war and fear that we've been2222333338002victimized22I'm the2239patron saint of the denial33200040032with an2241angel face and a33200042taste for suicidal00202043444546(Spoken) Are you talking to me?47484950(Spoken) I'll give you something to write…5152…about535455565758(Spoken) St. Jimmy5960616263646566676869707172My273name is St. Jimmy I'm a222222274son of a gun I'm the33333375one thats from the way outside0000330full7602I'm a2277teenage assassin exe-222222278-cuting some fun in the33333379cult of the life of crime000330full8002I081really hate to say it but I0030203082told you so so shut your33333383mouth before I shoot you down ol' boy0000330full842285Welcome to the club and22222286give me some blood I'm the33333387 resident leader of the000333388lost and found0full22it's289comedy22903and391tragedy00922its293Saint Jimmy22943and395that's my0096name29798(Spoken) and dont wear it out99