Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able Chords

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I'm gonna take a stab at this

sure you will be alright

make a decision with a kiss

baby I have false spite

(The bridge is pretty straight forward, just remember that it is in 3/4 timing!)

And when I trek alone back home

I make sure I trek in the snow

Would I fall?

Tissue and bones, it was a trick

this isn't a gun-fight

checking it off of my list

unable to rewrite

(Bridge, same as before)

Five years cast once and far alone

hope I'm ready, able to make my own


(For this part, the chorus, you play the for 2 bars, as well as the and . This

part is also in 3/4 timing.)

Repeat 4 times

They go, we go

I want you to know

what I did, I did

(For this next part play the for 4 bars, and the and for 2).

(repeat chorus twice, the second time you play Dm for 4 bars).

They go, we go

I want you to know

what I did, I did

After the last chorus is a play off using the chords from the chorus (in that same order).

I prefer to end on a Dm because it sounds jazzy, and it fits nicely, but go ahead and

end on if you like.