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                             YET AGAIN - Grizzly Bear
Tabbed by: itsgoodtobefree

Great song by a great band off of their new (great) album, "Shields." There are two
distinct guitar parts playing throughout the song. One is the lead, which has reverb
and slight distortion on. The other guitar is an acoustic, which basically only plays
the open chords. 

Tuning: Standard

INTRO (0:00-0:29):

                            (Upstrokes)                (Strum Am chord slowly)
   Em      D   G    C                      Bm  Em    Am
D|-9-------7---14---2--------2--2--2--2-----4---9-----10--------------------| x2

VERSE 1 (0:29-0:57): Same chords as the intro, except lead seems to play open 

     Em             D    G    C
Yet again, we're the only ones

       C              Bm   Em      Am
No surprise, this is often how it's done

   Em          D       G     C
Lately, it's about all I can take

  C      Bm    Em                Am
I will move and mend and mold this break

PRECHORUS 1 (0:57-1:11): Same riff as intro. Acoustic plays 8-note off-beats.
VERSE 2 (1:11-1:39): Same as first verse, except lead plays the intro riff.

     Em    D    G   C
Shell with another crack

    C          Bm   Em   Am
I'm small but I can keep track

     Em         D      G     C
Too soon, everyone just step away

    C          Bm    Em      Am
I'm sure this isn't the last play

CHORUS 1 (1:39-2:18):

Play the following section twice (except the last Bm):

      Bm                  C                   Em                  Bm 
e|-------7---|    e|--------8---|    e|----------12---|    e|-------7---|
B|-----7-----|    B|------8-----|    B|-------12------|    B|-----7-----|
G|---7-------| x4 G|----9-------| x4 G|----12---------| x4 G|---7-------| x4
D|-9---------|    D|-10---------|    D|-14------------|    D|-9---------|
A|-----------|    A|------------|    A|---------------|    A|-----------|
E|-----------|    E|------------|    E|---------------|    E|-----------|

Then play this:

     Bm/D                       Dm#5
D|-12-----------------------12--------------------------| x3 then play the 
A|------------------------------------------------------|    same Am as the
E|------------------------------------------------------|    intro

(Acoustic chords):

Bm             C
Take it all in stride

Speak, don't confide

We barely have a case

It's done before we try

It's darkened and by night

               Bm/D Dm#5 Bm/D Dm#5 Bm/D Dm#5 Am
Desert in your face

INTRO RIFF (2:18-2:32): This is the exact same as the intro. 
VERSE 3 (2:32-3:00): Same as the first verse.

     Em          D      G          C
Keep score, even playing feels this game

  C             Bm    Em     Am
I know when all sets were the same
      Em            D     G     C
If I could, I would leave it all be

   C          Bm     Em        Am
No chance to move backwards and see

PRECHORUS 2 (3:00-3:15): Same as first prechorus.
CHORUS 2: (3:15-4:22): Same as first chorus, except played three more times.
OUTRO: (4:22-5:18):

This part is tricky. There is lots of feedback and there are really only two 
chords throughout the outro. Those are below. 

 (Strum slowly)



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| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend