eBGDAEB1Intro=74442=75345678910=76111213141516=7717181920=78212223241st Verse=77When I10look into202your225eyes041I can see a love restrained1144240262728But darlin'0420when I hold you42292don't you know I feel the same22442403031yeah032=78nothing last forever42224332and we both know hearts can change2224240343536and it's hard to hold a candle2222222372in the cold november rain22222403839402nd Verse=76we've been through this such a long long time042044234142just trying to kill the pain2222424042oh243yeah0but lovers always come and lovers always go04442422442422and445no one's really sure who's letting it go today42422444724246walking away002447if we could take the time to lay it on a line048=7742422242422i could rest my head just knowing that you…42…were49442444442 mine250all mine045152=78so if you wanna love me42242253then darling don't refrain2204240545556or i'll just end up walking444242572in the cold november rain22422405859do you need some…020…time60=7640on your own04261do you need some time0206240all alone11463ooh0everybody needs some time000264040one their own24265ooh0don't you know you need some time000266040on your own11467=7868=80I know it's hard to keep an open heart42200024692270when even friends seem out to harm you1420001271272but if you could heal the broken heart4200024732274wouldn't time be out to charm you420001275woh______________________________22276404277Guitar Solo 1=78787980818283848586878889909192sometimes i need some time00093=76040on my own04294sometimes i 00095need some time040all alone11496ooh0everybody needs some time000297040on their own24298ooh0don't you know you need some…0002…time99040all alone114100101=77102Guitar Solo 2=781031041051061071081091103rd Verse=79and your fears subside042042111and shadows still remain224240112oh yeah00113114i know that you can love me2202211511when there's no one left to blame110424116117118so never mind the darkness222422119we still can find the way024240120121122nothing last forever422221232even cold november rain2222240124=80125126127128129130131132=82133134Outro=89135136137138=90139140141142=91143144145146147148149150you're not the only one002002151you're not the only one002002152don't you think that you need somebody000422442153don't you think that you need someone22204200154everybody needs somebody22204200155you're not the only one002002156you're not the only one002002157don't you think that you need somebody000422442158don't you think that you need someone22204200159everybody needs somebody22204200160you're not the only one002002161you're not the only one002002162don't you think that you need somebody000422442163don't you think that you need someone22204200164everybody needs somebody22204200165you're not the only one002002166you're not the only one002002167don't you think that you need somebody000422442168don't you think that you need someone22204200169everybody needs somebody22204200170171172173