Guttermouth - Lipstick Chords

Main Riff
Main Riff
No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo
Drum intro...then
Play this all the way down to the solo... On a tuesday afternoon, My mom came into my room And said get the f**k up otta bed, And get a god d**m job So I told her hey f**k you mom, And threw the phone at her head But I missed and hit her in the cunt, So I slammed the door in her face And said don't barge in my room, Or I'll kick you @$$ and call the cops And tell them I'm abused, And you'll wind up in jail While I snowboard in vail, No one to post your bail Cuz daddy loves me more, He says that you're a... < <for the="" solo="" stay="" in="" same="" pattern="" with="" chords,="" just="" alittle="" different=""> > < <then play="" the="" same="" chords="" for="" chorus="" with="" these="" words=""> > Your worthless, your lazy, your stupid, alittle over weight. Now give me twenty bucks. No make it fifty bucks. < <then a="" bass="" solo="" with="" the="" same="" notes=""> > < <then play="" softly="" the="" chords="" with="" these="" lyrics=""> > Now mom writes me letters, i write return to sender Let her rot in her cell, I watch the dogs mate on her bed So sorry mommy I had to pawn,the china, silver, and all your jewelry I had to eat and rent a bunch of prostitutes.. Like you < <then repeat="" chorus="" and="" then="" just="" play="" those="" chords="" for="" alittle="" longer="" say="" a="" bunch="" of="" jumble.="" end="" it="" on="" b#="" that's="" have="" fun!!!="" any="" comments="" write!=""> >

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