Standard (EADGBE)

Sitting in my room, staring at the wall

I can't believe it's happening

Once so wonderful now, Life's a twisted kind

Of reality, a fantasy

Don't know where to begin

Saw your love for me, vanish in

A single moment of stupidity

Nightmare this may be but, it is not a dream

Oh, I want to scream

A broken heart still bleeds

Never ever talk

Never ever smile

Knowing that my life won't be the same

Never ever touch

Never ever feel

I will never hear you call my name again

The rest repeats itself. Except for the bridge-

As we sin, so do we suffer

I've fallen from grace

Want to turn back time and make it undone

During the guitar solo, the notes for the verse is played. Then it goes back into the

chorus, same notes. Have fun! Any questions e-mail me-

Stay metal!