Hanson - Penny And Me Text Guitar Tab

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This is correct version. Ive seen hanson play it exactly the same way  many times
on all of the shows they've been on (Leno etc...)

capo on 3rd fret
Intro and all verses:
A-Asus4-A - E-Esus4- D = 2x's

A                          C#m        D       A
Cause Penny and me like to roll the windows down 
                            Bm    E        A
Turn the radio up, push the pedal to the ground 
                         C#m       D      E
And Penny and me like to gaze at starry skies 
Close our eyes, pretend to fly 
             E               A-Asus4-A - E-Esus4- D = 2x's
It's always Penny and me tonight 

(F#m)      C#m               D                    E
 Penny likes to get away,  and drown her pain,   in lemonade 
C#m     Fm                F#m                  Bm           
 Penny dreams of rainy days, and nights up late,  by the fireplace 
D                E                           A-Asus4-A - E-Esus4- D = 2x's  
 And aimless conversations about the better days 

(repeat to fade)

Peace and Love:

-John Rivers