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dAFCGD1Intro=1804423456789Main Theme121212101212141410151412101114141416141716141219171514131010101210141291415141210151414141614171614161917151417Verse 11819201,2,321422A.H.23242526Verse 22728291,2,33043132333435Chorus361,2,3374338Main Theme10101012101412939151412104014141416141716144119171514421010101210141294315141210441414141614171614451917151446Verse 34748494x5051A.H.52535455Chorus561,2,3574358Guitar Solo5960616263646566676869700223220223223333719910121099910121093333721214141514141214141514143333731274Bridge(octaver)212211910927587972921176212211910927787979111210A.H.78879791112107980818283Last Chorus841,2,3,4,5,6,785386Main Theme10101012101412987151412108814141416141716148919171514901010101210141299115141210921414141614171614931917151494101010121014129951514121096141414161417161497191715149810101012101412999151412101001414141614171614101191715141021 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add comment48 Add comment49 Add comment50 Add comment51 Add52 Add comment53 Add comment54 Add comment55 Add comment56 Add comment57 Add comment58 Add comment59 Add comment60 Add comment61 Add comment62 Add comment63 Add comment64 Add comment65 Add comment66 Add67 Add comment68 Add comment69 Add comment70 Add comment71 Add comment72 Add comment73 Add comment74 Add comment75 Add comment76 Add comment77 Add comment78 Add comment79 Add comment80 Add comment81 Add comment82 Add comment83 Add comment84 Add comment85 Add comment86 Add comment87 Add comment88 Add comment89 Add comment90 Add comment91 Add comment92 Add comment93 Add comment94 Add comment95 Add comment96 Add comment97 Add comment98 Add comment99 Add comment100 Add comment101 Add comment102 Add commentTrack can be converted to a standard tuning (R)
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