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eBGDAE1=72242Intro:=12044345678Fill:=959101112Riff A:=7213141516Riff B:171819You're420Verse 1:runnin' a - round in the gam - blin' hall55555555721Every night it's the same555557You're422lookin' for something new to play55555857To423win and have fun is your aim5555547(X)A424Pre-Chorus:pin - ball speaks to you56745His425metal voice is knockin' in your head5561077767You426can't resist you'll have to play5565745You're…427just another victim caught in the trap5555607667282429Chorus:Gor - gar will eat you,555554430man you'll never win 5412121231Gor - gar will eat you,5555532but you keep on playin' 54121212Your433Verse 2:blood is boi - lin' your eyes grow wide55855557Ad - 434- vance - too late5111235Gamblin' fe - ver has taken your mind558745557this436fuckin' machine of hate5557(X)1112You437Pre-Chorus:spend all your money56085but438you'll never win56112You're439al - ways the lo - ser57465and the4540robot's voice keeps hammering5560774172442Chorus:Gor - gar will eat you,555554443man you'll never win 5412121244Gor - gar will eat you,5555545but you keep on playin' 5412121246Break:Wastin' 1212money 11111147for fun 121112e - ve - ry night320248Livin' for121212to - day 1112no1249thoughts 12for to - morrow302250Bridge:Man you are dead3532don't 251you re - a - lize121152Wake up and live3532be -253 - fore it's too late1211too1154Interlude:late1212(X)55561457445834592460Solo 1:4461626364Solo 2:65666768Outro Chorus:Gor - gar will eat you,5555569man you'll never win 5412121270Gor - gar will eat you,5555571but you keep on playin' 5412121272Outro:Gor - gar will eat you,5555573man you'll never win 5412121274Gor - gar will eat you,5555575but you keep on playin' 54121212767712(X)
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