eBGDAE1Intro:=154442345Riff A:678We're59Verse 1:liv - ing in our u - nits555585And510one thing we can do is55558511Work for a life with - out a8108787512fate8We513don't pay a - ny tax - es555585But the3514state is the ax - es55585Of our5715minds without love without810878716hate8We517have a high - er or - der555585No one3518needs to be a hoar - der555585Our so-5719- ciety is such a glorious88108787820thing8In521our centers we can dream of555585Any-3522- thing you never think of555585You523can't say we are puppets on a88108787524string825Pre-Chorus:Our minds are57826kept so clean121082728Checked up on a screen12121212121029They're holy57830men, they're saints1210831With -032- out them we might all04471033fail...131234Riff A:353637We538Verse 2:don't know war and crime55558539Things of ancient times55555We just5740see it if we put on vi - de -88108788741 - o8The542blue pass is for my life555585And the3543red one's for my wife55535It's the5744only thing we really need to88108787545show8There are5346still some without rules55538But I3547tell you, they're all fools88755The548Guardians will find them as we've81087875349 seen8We got3550banks where we freeze them55885They get3551new brains screwed in then555385And552act con - trar - ily to what they have88108787553been854Pre-Chorus:With new minds 57855made so clean121085657Checked up on a screen12121212121058They will be57859the saints1210860With -061- out them we might all04471062fail...131263Chorus:Guar - dians of our1110164lives3Pro-5765 - tect se - cu - ri -875366- ty5They567turn the key and133068they step in155Con -569- trolling you and103170me371Guar - dians of our1110172lives3Take773care e - ter - na -8810774- lly875Riff A:76777879Interlude A:248081824483248485864487248889904491249293944495Interlude B:96979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113Solo 1:114115116117118119120121122123124125Solo 2:126127128129130131132133134135136137138139Chorus:Guar - dians of our11101140lives3Pro-57141 - tect se - cu - ri -8753142- ty5They5143turn the key and1330144they step in155Con -5145- trolling you and1031146me3147Guar - dians of our3323148lives5Pro-79149 - tect se - cu - ri -10975150- ty7They7151turn the key and3552152they step in377Con -2153- trolling you and3253154me5155Guar - dians of our3323156lives5Take79157care e - ter - na -1010129158- lly10159Outro Verse:160161162163164165166167Ending:168169170
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