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eBGDAE1=804423456Make the people2020hold17each other020hands28And fill their hearts22010with09truth2You210made up your mind0313so1011do1as07di -0112vined0712Mmm20213mmm0314=96015Put on your0016armour1117ragged after113318fights019Hold up your810820sword821you're leaving the787322light523Make sour self000124ready1125for de lords333of3the326dark027They'll watch your87528way57577so be7729cautions, quiet and887030hark531=140You hear them00032whispering11133in the crowns333of the3334trees035You're whirling55736'round875337but your eyes don't 5787338agree539Will o the00040wisps141 misguiding your333342path043You can't88throw a8844curse1045with out takin' their5787346wrath5Watch047out1for the5848seas7of049 hatred and1210107750sin8or551all57us852people301for -153get what121010we've71054been10Our0855only hopes your1100813513 victory312110086456Kill =17057that83457satan who30158won't let us11359be3Our0860only hopes your=1401100813513victory3127158176461Kill that=1705783462satan who128363won't let us108764be1065kill=14084466=10067=80You're the011368keeper of the seven keys=85080813011308136901that170lock up the seven seas115333071And the4472seer of visions00044said before03073he went blind87874hide then from demons and57830175rescue mankind0113or the0376world0we're all in003will077soon be sold0878to the5578throne of the evil payed with5783011179lucifer's gold0113to the5580throne of the evil payed with5781283381lucifer's gold1087824823483=140You can fell0004484cold sweat1185running down your3333386neck087And the dwarfs of8810888falseness8389throw mud at your787390back591Guided by01392spells35393of the old seer's hand33333094395You're suffering888896pain810only5797steel8 can7598stand5Stay099well1on your58100way7and0101 follow the 121077102sign8ful -5103fill5your own78104 promise and3011105do0what's300di -3106vined3The08107seven seas are far away11008135133121100864108Placed in the =17057834109 valey of301110dust heat and013111sway3The08112seven seas are far away=140110081351331271581764113Placed in the =17057834114 valey of1283115dust heat and1087116s w a y 573117=140844118=100119=80You're the0113120keeper of the seven keys=850808130113081312101that1122lock up the seven seas1153330123And the44124seer of visions00044said before030125he went blind878126hide then from demons and578301127rescue mankind0113or the03128world0we're all in003will0129soon be sold0878to the55130throne of the evil payed with57830111131lucifer's gold0113to the55132throne of the evil payed with57812833133lucifer's gold108782413434135Throw the first key…44136=96…into the sea of hate137138139140141142143144145146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161162163164165Throw the second key99999166into the sea of99999167fear97168169170171Throw the third key into the1032235172sea of senselessness777530and0173make the people hold each other's33335535174hands78175The0176fourt key be longs1032in -5177to the sea of greed777530and the00178fifth3into the sea of35335179i g n o 1414180r a n c e18112182183=180184185186Disease01872disease40disease0188 my friend for1020189this whole world's in1022190devil's hand020Disease01912disease40disease0192 my friend throw the10202193key or you may0204194die2Disease31950disease23disease71968my friend for757197this whole world's in8755198devil's hand753Disease31990disease23disease7200 my friend throw the87535201key or you may7532202d i e=14010203204205206207208209210211212213214215216217218219220221222223224225226227228229230231232233On a24234mound at the shore of the4443242235last sea2232he's2236sitting fixing your44420237sight4with his11238high iron voice cousing444242239sickness he's22322240playing you with 44422 delight02411242Man who do785778243you just think you35785778244a r e ?35233524557246A silly785778247bum with seven35785778248s t a r s8107881024957250Don't throw the key or you will0030367251see dimensions7553322252cruel as they can be02302253254Don't let him suck off your00305power72557 throw the key55332232560throw the key33525735throw the535258k e y725926026126226326426526626726826927027127227324274442752427644277278279280281282283284285286287288289290291292293294295296297298299300301302303304305306307308309310311312313314315316317318319320321322323324325326327328329330=100331An332earthquake,squirting333fire, bursting ground=90334satan's…335screaming,and earth336=80swallowing him away ! 337=70You're the0113338keeper of the seven=85080813011308k e …13… y s339303102that02340locked up1111the seven seas1133010108341And the44342seer of visions00044can0343now rest in peace878there…5…ain't3445no more demons and783001345no more disease0113And303346mankind live up0004you're0347free again0878yes the810348tyrand is=1501210834349dead, he is7810350gone, overthrow12108351=1607you have810352given our12108353souls back to=120783354l i g h t=508744355Oh !0356=10050101357=800Woooo2358=503593603613623633643653663673683693701 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add 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