eBGDAE1Make me=2004423456789The number you have dialed has33333310not bin recognised1314411i know your lying i can333333312see it in your eyes4441413but when you look at me i33333314sink down to my knees1314415and pray to God he's3333416going to hell!44141718192021Look at me and444422ask6me623why42425Did4you426tell6me6a627lie?42829Dreams in4430which he6631dies,43233Thoughts of you44434Make Me6635cry43637383940414243Why do you think of me33333344when you go to work?1314445and deny me every333333346call it hirts!4441447Turn me away when it suits you best333333481314449Forget me and3333450forget the rest441451thought you were something but your not333333521314453your whole lifes333333354one cheap shot!4441455but i'll find33333356something new1314457something that'll3333458really get to you44145960616263Isn't there444464anyone6665more?46667before you4468shut the66669door.47071Your acting like4472such a 6673wh*re47475You make me do44476something6677sore...47879808182838485Prince of theives becomes the Queen of Pain333333861314487Stay away or333333388i'll go insane4441489you dont know what you've done to me333333901314491turn my back and i'll count to three3333492441493If your not gone i dont know what i'll do333333941314495told you before i'm through with you3333333964441497Can't bare to see you anymore333333981314499Curl up in a ball on the floor.333341004414101102103104105Look at me and4444106ask me66107why4108109did i44110tell you a666111lie4112113Dreams in44114which i66115die4116117thoughts of you444118Make Me6611941201211221231241251261271281291301311321331341351361371381391401411421431441451461471481491503415144152153154155156The number you have dialed has333333157not bin recognised13144158159160161162163164The number you have dialed has333333165not bin recognised13144166167168169170so please just444171Hang up66172NOW!4
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