eBGDAE1Picture of you=130442345What were you thinking when you said we wouldnt779647966479go6out7789who were you f*cking when you said we would get7796479106479married67111213and why were you laughing when you said you wanted7796479146479a6break715161718Its not my falt there was77977619nothing i could do7779720i'm so helpless i leave everything497647217to you7922You should know me by now77977623i'm not the indipendant sort7779724you should slap me in the face49764725then write a report on7792627282930we didnt have a chance 77977631there was nothing you could do7779732you just had to leave me49764733all thats left is a Picture of77997934You!73536We were a mistake right from77977637the very very start7779738its so much better i'm alone and we're apart4976473977940So tell me why we were together anyway779776417779742You've left the house and from 49764743there on u will stay77944You took the car and77977645stole my dog7779746You drove around the corner and crashed in the fog497647477794849505152you going for good77977653and theres nothing i can do7779754i feel so sick49764755all i have is this Picture of77997956You!7575859606162636465Where were you going when i called you on your7796479666479moblie67676869Why are you turning, signaling779647970to come to my home?64796771727374You said you want me back77977675so i let you in the door77797765 minuits later you were49764777face down on the floor,77978you said this should last forever77977679we'll get a new car7779780buy a new dog and49764781drive very far7798283848586You wanna get laid, we know what to do779776877779788i took another snap, its just another49764789779Picture of You!!979907Change tuning (R)