eBGDAE1Picture of you=13044234567What were you drinking when you said thing wouldnt779647986479work6out791011Who were you sucking when you said you wanted7796479126479carried67131415and why were you clapping when you said we were a7796479166479mistake6717181920212223242526How we are so different77977627and how we fell apart7779728we were never right together49764729i was dumb and you were smart77930313233343536373839404142434445464748Your in intensive care77977649you'll be out next week7779750i'll give you your stuff then49764751on tuesday we can speak77952535455565758596061626364656667i'm glad you were slowing when i looked and gave7796479686479you a smile67697071You must be learing to forgive and forget779647972629773747576777879808182So you want us back together77977683theres nothing i can do7779784your already in my home,49764785i'm falling bak in love with you7798687888990