eBGDAE1=20044234What the hell are you999995Digging for2226You will find no99997Treasure698You wouldn't do9999What you do222210If you didnt get some999411Pleasure64so412Why dont you 2222213tell me stuff4444you414know i'll find out2222215anyway996616from your girlfriend222217or her best friends444418all they do is222219say4There420are some problems2222221you need 2 sort them out4444422i dont know what with222223in our trust theres doubt,44444you424dont tell me22225whats going on,444426why dont you tell me222227What is wrong?444I'm428getting sick of it,2222you'd229better tell me soon,4444430your taking a fit222231before the next full moon,44444you432dont tell me22233whats goin on,444434why dont you tell me2222235What4Is436Wrong?237What the hell are you9999938Running from22239Its not a fucking999940Marithon6941you wont win a prize99942for getting first place222243so your thoghts were999444Bullshit,6you44445should slow down22222246take another look44444447you'll be sorly missed2222248n u wont b off the hook996649and now your thinking2222250what to do4444451cuz theres only me and222252you4There453are some problems2222254you need 2 sort them out4444455i dont know what with222256in our trust theres doubt,44444you457dont tell me22258whats going on,444459why dont you tell me222260What is wrong?444I'm461getting sick of it,2222you'd262better tell me soon,4444463your taking a fit222264before the next full moon,44444you465dont tell me22266whats goin on,444467why dont you tell me2222268What4Is469Wrong?270What the hell are you9999971looking for22272Its not a fucking999973Crime case6974Looking for clues99975and digging up graves222276is doing nothing999477for your grace644478But you know what you want22222279and you know what you need44444480you know where its going and2222281you know where it'll lead996682so i'll back off now2222283and leave it to you4444484because you know what to222285do!4There486are some problems2222287you need 2 sort them out4444488i dont know what with222289in our trust theres doubt,44444you490dont tell me22291whats going on,444492why dont you tell me222293What is wrong?444I'm494getting sick of it,2222you'd295better tell me soon,4444496your taking a fit222297before the next full moon,44444you498dont tell me22299whats goin on,4444100why dont you tell me22222101What4Is4102Wrong?2103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133There4134are some problems22222135you need 2 sort them out44444136i dont know what with2222137in our trust theres doubt,44444you4138dont tell me222139whats going on,4444140why dont you tell me2222141What is wrong?444I'm4142getting sick of it,2222you'd2143better tell me soon,44444144your taking a fit2222145before the next full moon,44444you4146dont tell me222147whats goin on,4444148why dont you tell me22222149What4Is4150Wrong?2151
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