Hole - Retard Girl Text Guitar Tab

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                             Retard Girl by Hole

Tabbed by: Scott H.

This was Hole's very first single and their first song ever released, put out by
Sympathy for the Record Industry in 1990; kind of essential to learn to play, right? The song
was originally recorded in drop-D tuning, but I've sort of adapted it here. Okay, so here's the
thing with this one: the parentheses in Riff A are noting the barre, but DON'T strum
these (i.e., on the first chord, you're only hitting the open low E string while barring
the strings below that on the 2nd fret). Just lay your index finger over these strings
on Riff A, and the rest of the work is done with your middle finger and pinky. In 
other words, only hit the notes that don't have parentheses around them. The barre on 
the 2nd fret kind of works as a harmonic, and is necessary otherwise it won't sound right. Takes
some finger stretching to play, especially with the pinky to hit the D string on the
5th fret. There is a chord progression that is played over this which I've also tabbed. The rest 
of the song is basically just power chords. There is all kinds of crazy feedback and noise going
on throughout the entire thing, so play with heavy distortion and let the notes ring if you wish. 
Listen to the song to get the idea.

Tuning: Standard

Riff A:


This is accompanied by these chords played on top of it:


Riff A
    Retard girl makes us sick
    Let's all poke her with a stick
    Well, she walks funny
    Kinda like a pig
    Gotta hate that retard girl

Riff B:


Riff B
    See the retard girl walking in the school yard
    In the same dress from fourth grade

Riff B
    See the retard girl cross-eyed in the school yard
    Looking for the friend she made

Riff C:


Riff C
    Retard girl
    Retard girl
    Retard girl, yeah, don't forget her face

Riff A
    As shines the moon among the lesser fires
    She is sucking dick out in the yard
    Well, she walks funny
    Kinda like a pig
    Gotta hate that retard girl

Riff B
    See the retard girl do one for me
    She don't think like the others do
    See the retard girl squirming in the mud
    Throw her in the trash can, see what she does

Riff C
    Retard girl
    Retard girl
    Retard girl, yeah, don't forget her face

Riff A
    And ask her mother, "Why'd you implode?"
    Well, her head's so big it just might explode
    And she walks funny
    Kinda like a pig
    Gotta hate, that retard girl
    Hit her

Riff B
    See the retard girl staring at the sun
    What does she see?
    See the retard girl stare at everyone
    I hope she doesn't see me

Riff C
    Retard girl
    Retard girl
    The retard girl, yeah, don't forget her face

Riff A
    The retard girl
    The retard girl
    The retard girl, whoa, whoa, whoa
    Don't throw her away