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eBGDAECapo 4th fret1=9444234562071720819910The down is breaking1112A light shining through1314You're barely waking1516And i'm tangled up un you Yeah...1718319220021322I'm open you're closed2324Where i follow you'll go2526I worry i won't see your face5277528429Light up again!530Even the best fall downs sometimes331232Even the worng words seem to rhyme033334Out of the doubt that fills my mind3536I somehow find537You an I738Collide57539754045424142I'm quiet you know4344You make a first impression4546I found im' scred to know4748I'm always on…49…your mind50Even the best fall down sometimes1051852Even the stars refuse to shine753854Out of the back you fall in time1055856I somehow find1057You and I1210858collide59Don't stop here6061I lost my place6263I'm close behind1213141516171819642065172066196768206917207019712272Even the best fall……down sometimes7374Even the wrong words seem to rhyme7576Out of the doubt that77fills your mind78You finally find79You and I80Collide1081882You finally find783You and I884Collide1085886You finally find787You and I888Collide1089890791892129394959689798Change tuning (R)