Ich Und Ich - Wenn Ich Tot Bin Text Guitar Tab

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Tabbed by: Patrik Fröhlich
Email: sython-dias@hotmail.de

This is my first tab, and it's tabbed by ear. So please don't be hard on me.

Tuning: Drop C Tuning [CGCFAD]

This part can be played through the verse and the chorus.
In the chorus it's changed a little. I could'nt figure it out yet, i'm sorry.

But I'm sure it's pretty accurate and if anyone can add the bridge-part or this changing 
the chorus, please let me know.

Anyway, here's the tabs:

Intro & Verse:

Acoustic Guitar


Leave your pinkie & your ring finger @ the 3rd fret of the first and second string all 
time. Just move your index and middle finger to play the other notes.

That's all, hope it helps you!