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eBGDAE1=1204423Use wah pedal45678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758596061626364656667686970717273747576777879805481 Who's the black private dick that's32000004482a sex machine 0300to all the chicks?022083 Shaft! 121284Ya damn right.0308586878889Who is the man that would risk532532590his neck for his bro-ther man________?5302553591Shaft121292Can you dig it?03339394959697Who's the cat that wa - lks about553255398when there's danger all ab - out?553255299Shaft1212100Right on. 33101They say this cat Shat is a bad_______03333303102mother00Shut your mouth!1514121289103I'm talkin' 'bout Shaft.25332Well we can dig …121217171514…it.10417171717He's a33105Compli - ca - ted man, but775375106no one understands him but 7910101010 his105107wo - man.52John Shaft.151510812121091101111121131141151161171183411944120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138
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