Standard (EADGBE)


They were summoned from the hillside

They were called in from the glen

And the country found them ready,

At the stirring call for men

Let no tears add to their hardship

As the soldiers pass along

And although your heart is breaking

Make it sing this cheer--y sooooong


Keep the homes fires burn-ing

While your hears are yearn---ing

Though your lads are far a-way

They dream of home

There's a silver lin-ing

Through the dark cloud shin---ing

Turn the dark in-side out

'Till the boys come home

Verse 2 lyrics:

Over seas there came a pleading,

"Help a Nation in distress!"

And we gave our glorious laddies,

Honor made us do no less.

For no gallant Son of Freedom

To a tyrant's yoke should bend,

And a noble heart must answer

To the sacred call of "Friend!"

Thought this song would be a fitting tribute to GB after such a fantastic Olympics! Roll on Rio!