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Ok my first tab....but this should song pretty good....

Jack Johnson rules!

'Anything But The Truth'

The whole song is finger-picked...

Intro (Repeated Twice)
E           A           C#m            F#m


The finger pattern sounds the same as the intro but you don't play the hammer ons, so in 
verse play a normal A chord without hammering on to the 3rd on B for example...

In the verse the chords are the same:

 E, A, C#m, F#m played TWICE

Then you play this pattern( Which is F#m to A)TWICE after every verse ends:

----------------------0---0---0- 2----2----------------------------------|
-2---2----2--- 2---2-----------------------------------------------------|

Then its back to the verse again, its all the same chords repeated over and over....

If you listen to the song you should be able to tell where you play what....hopefully!!!

Have fun :)