eBGDAE1Intro:=1202444342444202220222302241202430025Verse 1:It's time to move out of theBm234026darkness,A0012207 Use what you feelE0012208insideG3000239Your faith alone willBm2340210guide you, A0222011 Feel the turningE00122012tideG30002313Refrain:It's in yourF#m22240214heart, it's in yourEm00022015soul, Don't beBm2340216scared, Keep believingEm00022017How know you know, deep Em00022018 inside, That your Bm2340219time hasC0102320 comeA0222021Chorus:Once in every D232022lifetime,G30002323 if you doD232024 believeA0222025Land can move aD232026 mountain, change theG30002327 course ofD232028 historyA0222029How far weF#m22240230 come soG30002331far....D232032A0222033from homeD232034Verse 2:Trust in your path you'd beenBm2340235 chosen,A0222036 become yourE00122037 destinyG30002338Leading day willBm2340239follow you, theA0222040 truth will set youE00122041freeG300023
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