Jeremy Camp - This Man Text Guitar Tab

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Okay this song Is so awsome and I'm pretty sure it's 90% correct. Well It sounds great. 
Me, I hope you enjoy it.

Standard Tuning  (NO CAPO) This Is Acoustic all the way through

There are also a few chords that are played for most of the song also.

Em7  Cadd2  G  D  Dsus4  Am
 3     3    3  2    3     0
 3     3    3  3    3     1
 0     0    0  2    2     2
 2     2    0  0    0     2
 2     3    2  0    0     0
 0     0    3  0    0     0

This part is kinda confusing but this is basically the structure of it just listen to 
song and you'll figure it out.

Intro/Fig. 1

Okay after the intro you play it again with for part of the first verse.

(Fig.1 is played with this part of the verse.)

In only a moment truth was seen, revealed this mystery.
The crown that showed no dignity, he wore.

(then You start with the chords)

        Cadd2    Em7     D
And the King was placed, for all the world to show disgrace.

    Cadd2        Em7              D
But only beauty flowed from this place.

Em7                Cadd2          G        D-Dsus4
Would you take the place of this man.

Em7                Cadd2            G      D-Dsus4
Would you take the nails from his hands.

Em7                Cadd2          G        D-Dsus4
Would you take the place of this man.

Em7                Cadd2            G      D-Dsus4 (hold the chord)
Would you take the nails from his hands.

(Then here you play the Fig. 1 part again)
He held the weight of impurity, the father would not see.
The reasons had finally come to be, to show.

(the you start with the chords again)

    Cadd2        Em7    D
The Depth of his grace, flowed with every sin eraced.

   Cadd2       Em7        D
He knew, that this why he came.


Cadd2             Am  Cadd2                 Am
And we just don't know, the blood and water flowed.
Cadd2             Am
And in it all he shows, just how much he cares.

(Then you play somthing a bit like Fig.1 but shorter.)


           Cadd2  Em7  D
And the veil, was torn so we could have this open door.

Cadd                 Em7               D
And all these things have finally been complete.


Well thats all of that I Hope you enjoy. If you have trouble try listening to the CD.