Jesus Culture - How He Loves Us Text Guitar Tab

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Hello to all. Today i have the intro for 'How He Loves Us' - 'Jesus Culture' for 
you all you good and wise people..

k capo on 6th, standard tuning. All numbers relate to where the capo is.

Your pretty much just playing C, Am, G, F but with some variations, there is also 
a bit of a swing when picking so refer to youtube video of the song for timing.

e|-----0-------0---      e|-----0-------0---      e|-----3-------3---      e|-----0-------0---|
B|-------1-------1-      B|-------1-------1-      B|-------1-------1-      B|-------1-------1-|
G|---0-------0----- x 2  G|---0-------0----- x 2  G|---0-------0----- x 2  G|---0-------0-----| x2
D|---------2-------      D|---------3-------      D|---------0-------      D|---------3-------|
A|-3---------------      A|-0---------------      A|-----------------      A|-----------------|
E|-----------------      E|-----------------      E|-3---------------      E|-1---------------|

Tabbed by Joey